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My name is Megan. I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin and currently reside in Columbia South Carolina. It was at a very young age that I was drawn into the artistic footsteps of my mother. Her gift inspired me to want to recreate God's beauty with my own hands. I was fixated on the precision of my work but was never satisfied with the end results. What I had created with my own hands could never accurately portray the magnificence rendered by God's hands.
Several years ago I became enticed by the possibilities that could be afforded by capturing such grandeur through a lens. My adoration of photography has been growing ever since. My goal is to capture grace, beauty, reverence, and sentiment in whatever form our creator has given it, and preserve it on paper. I specialize in on site, natural light photography portraits. This means I can capture you and/or your loved ones in their most comfortable surroundings. Your home, backyard, favorite park, beach or cityscape, or anywhere else imaginable provide a direct insight to your character.
I would love to be given the opportunity to help you conserve your favorite memories. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you!